Art Direction and Design



Dreams of Chocolate and Art Direction

We loved collaborating with Liquid Hub and Godiva Belgian Chocolatier to execute its new branding approach through digital media. Its current loyal audience as well as new prospect customers are reached through unique creative marketing campaigns between 2017-2018. Successful simultaneous deployments of campaigns onto different platforms and in all social channels, email communications and website content.


– Social Media Content
– Website Design
– Email Marketing


– Creative Strategy
– Sketch Storyboard
– Prop/Food Styling
– Art Direction on Set
– Creative Production

Social Media

Increase the numbers, multiply the loyalty: our plan was to create unique takes on chocolate, fun and immersive creative, relatable experiences that will multiply the engagement and fortify the brand.

Together we worked the strategy for a yearly content calendar, including regular weekly updates as well as key holidays such as Valentines Day, Easter Week, Mother’s/Father’s day, Christmas and New Year.


Seasonal Campaigns

Creative that travels through platforms and connects with different audiences.

On Set

Chocolate Fever

Art Direction and Food Styling for Godiva was a dream come true. Irmghard had the opportunity to work with renown photographer James Ranson in New York City creating the most mouthwatering and over-the-top chocolate photography for Godiva’s beloved audience.

Planning the shots

From Sketch to Reality

Love what you do, they said. So we do!

The Art of Transformation
In-sek Design