UX Strategy, Design and Development

Partnership for Drug Free Kids


The organization

First known as the Partnership for a Drug-Free America is a New York City-based non-profit organization which runs campaigns to prevent teenage drug and alcohol abuse in the United States.


– Website design
– Email Newsletters


– UX Strategy
– Art Direction
– Web Design

Website redesign

A great project in collaboration with The Wonderfactory in New York, we provided art direction and UX Strategy for Drugfree.org and the 2014 website. Merging a few different micro-sites to blend their brand into one large online destination focusing on an editorial content strategy while incorporating multiple resources for parents, kids, teachers, and health care providers.


Multiple templates and user paths

There were 3 main users visiting the site: Parents,  teachers, and healthcare providers, teenagers or young adults. We designed all the experience.

Understanding parents’ need for resources and support

Designing with a purpose

Its website features interactive tools, compelling videos, engaging blogs, comprehensive e-books, and burgeoning online communities to be the online ‘public square’ where parents can support, learn from and encourage one another.

Non-profit must


We significantly improved the experience of the donation tool and its pages, making sure there was an easy path to conversion and the process felt as simple and convenient in all devices.

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