Deliver Lean


Chef-crafted meals delivered to your door.

DeliverLean’s vision is to modify the common social behavior of poor eating habits. It provides its services throughout Florida, for its residents as well as wholesalers. Whole Foods has become its premier partner in delivering healthy chef-crafted meals to people’s doors.

Helping DeliverLean achieving this goal has been very rewarding. We’ve created the brand from the ground up, from concept and art to all its marketing efforts, collaborating with the company’s exponential growth since 2012.


–  Website
–  Microsites and Landing Pages
–  Email Campaigns
–  Digital Ads
–  Mobile App
–   Social Media Content


– Branding
– UX Strategy
– Web Design
– Art Direction
– Food Styling
– Food Photography
– Food Packaging


OnJuice is a successful spin-off from Deliver Lean.

Established in 2012, On Juice was the first Cold-Pressed-Organic-Juice retailer in Miami, Florida. Today, its positioned in the top-5 and continues to deliver its freshness every day.

We created the brand, from its logo and creative concept to all its marketing, packaging, carriers, fridges, vans, along with its entire digital presence across multiple platforms.


Activation through creative

As they evolved, we have evolved with them – 7 years moving together from conventional marketing to a fully experiential, cutting-edge solution with both print and digital support.


Art Direction & Food Photography

Style and an eye for what’s fresh! That’s what it takes to work with food and make sweet creative. We like to stay current with the latest trends, nurture our sharpest skills with the goal to surpass such trends with unique ideas.

Top Shelf

Food Packaging

We bank our expertise on our extensive knowledge of food specific packaging standards, mechanicals development and passion for new food-design trends. 

Entertain Impact