Mar 10, 2015

Zoolander Stars Crash Valentino Runway to Announce Sequel

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written by bianca

Blue steel is back

While it’s true the fashion industry has an (often well-deserved) reputation for taking itself a bit too seriously, one major design house proved it knows how to have fun at its show today in Paris with a genius promotion for the long-awaited Zoolander 2. Yes, Derek Zoolander and onetime arch nemesis Hansel McDonald (also known as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) came out of retirement to walk the runway for Valentino—and, more importantly, seal the deal for Zoolander 2.


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Any Zoolander appearance at Paris Fashion Week was sure to go viral, but what’s really impressive is Paramount managed to bring in Valentino—an extremely well respected brand that’s not exactly known for wild exploits—as its partner in the announcement.

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