Mar 8, 2015

8 Creative Ways to Show Your Nonprofit’s Personality

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written by bianca


8thanks1. How you show gratitude

Automatic and immediate email contribution thank yous
Gala dinner honorees
Journal advertisements
Do you name buildings after major donors?
Do you recognize anonymous donors?
Do you send heartfelt handwritten thank you notes

8brand2. Your logo

3. Your website

4. Your email signature – Interesting quotes? Pictures? Links?

5. Your stationary – Textured? Embossed? Scented? Color?

6. Your social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus’ profile images

7. Your business cards

swag8. Your swag – What tchotchkes do you give away? Pens, paper pads, squeeze balls, bottle openers, mugs, lanyards, luggage tags, rubix cubes, hacki-sacks, whistles, toys, t-shirts, reusable shopping bags. What fits for you?

How you show personality at your organization?





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